In our seafront facility intertwined with nature in Adaağzı, one of the most beautiful bays of Marmaris, you will find everything you dreamed of during your holiday. At our 1,200 meters of beach, cabanas, a swimming pool with a jacuzzi, and DJ performances during the day and evening , we are waiting you for a holiday where you will experience entertainment and peace together.


Enjoy a romantic vacation.

A peaceful honeymoon, your wedding anniversary, or a relaxing holiday. Close your eyes to the magic of peace at Joya Del Mar.

The old stone houses, a part of the nature of Adatepe, have been restored in accordance with the original restoration of the old stone houses and have been put into service as of 2014 with rooms and suites prepared with all the details for your comfort.

A Unique Bay Experience

While a pleasant breeze calms your soul, you can cool off and refresh in the clean air of nature. You have the opportunity to enjoy a walk on the beach in our lively and clear sea while getting a tan.

Private Beach


Intertwined with nature

Private Restaurant


On-site parking

⁠⁠Electric Vehicle Charging Station


Enjoy the nature in the most beautiful bay of Marmaris. You can say hello to the change of the day with your beautiful cocktails and immerse yourself in the rhythm of the music. The magic of Joya Del Mar will set you free in time.

Special Offer

20% off your trip if it’s longer than 3 nights

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